My Holiday

On Sunday, 1st January 2017 it’s a New Years day. Me and my family do a trip to Dieng, Center Java. We left Bandung on Saturday night at 9pm and we get to Dieng at 1pm on Sunday. After that we checked in the hotel and we have lunch. We ate ongklok noodle, It’s very delicious and we back to the hotel for do some rest. At 7pm we do some dinner and I ate gulai. Next day at 3am we were hiking to Mt.Sikunir, its very cold 4°Celcius. It was raining and cloudy at when we hiking, and the roads were so slippery. At the top of the mountain, I realized that we were on the clouds.It’s a very beautiful view from there. We saw sunrise and went home at 7am. Next day we went to Bandung and visited some of cities in Center Java.

On Friday, 6th January 2017 Perwakilan Kelas 63 SMAN 3 Bandung do the first great deliberation called MUBES I. We went to Cisarua, Cimahi at 7am with some cars. I as a member of the PK63 participated the event as committe the field division. We discussed about the work program of PK63 3 months back and the next 3 months. Beside that besides that it’s intended to familiarize all members of PK63 with games, cooking, singing, and chatting together. At the 2nd day we do some games to got some clues for the next day like ball on the bowl, eatbulaga,and marbles challenge. At the 3rd day we do some games again and I’m so excited because we must searched 3 clues at the area of the place. I’m so sad because this is the last day of the holiday and we must started the school for the next day. after that day I feel closer to my PK family. And I’m so lucky to have a family like them.


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