Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog!!

           Now I want to tell you about one big event in my school, Megantara. Megantara is a cultural festival that presented by division 8 OSIS 3 Senior High School Bandung at 10 Sepember 2016. I was one of the organizers of the event. I was part of logistics with crazy and funny members in there. Our leader name is Fadhil, and I think he is so kind but a little crazy. I'm so happy to worked with them.
           Megantara has some guess stars like The Changcuters and Ran. We're so tired but its ok, because all of this paid off by the success of this event. I met my old friends, my new friends, my best friends, my ex, my girlfriend, but i dont have a girlfriend so its ok!

          In the morning there is parade of Indonesian culture, and Reog Ponorogo. There is many kind of food from many other countries from Indonesia. After that, many performances of many Indonesian cultures are showed at the stage. At the field there is many stands of food or souvenir from Indonesia. The stands were divided into five block Sumatera, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Papua.

       Finally at the night its time for the guess star to perform until 9 o'clock. The first guest star is The Changcuters with their exciting songs, we were dancing and singing together. The next guest star is perfect for teenagers, they are RAN. Its a special perform because we did something different, we did flashlight party when "Dekat Di Hati" song. After that we did a briefing until eleven o'clock and went home and I'm so tired.


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