World Tounament and Techno Festival


          WTTF or World Tournament and Techno Fest is an event that presented by division 9 and 10 OSIS 3 Senior High School Bandung. WTTF was held on 20th August 2016. This event is a story about Galaxy Belitung Barat or BB, and there is a war of BB32018 and BB32019. At seven o'clock we are gathered at Bali Field. At that time I was a part of X MIPA 2. We must finished 10 posts with many different games.

          We are very excited. Every times we won the game we got one puzzle for BB32019. After we finished 10 posts we back to Bali Field to combine our puzzles. After 15 minutes we finished to combine our puzzles, and guess what? BB32019 is the winner the game! I'm so happy and finally I went home to prepare the "gathering night".


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